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What kind of Man are You?

You wear a beard. You understand what it means to be a man. Make the most of both with the right Beard Oil blend to bring out your essential masculinity. Whether you are passionate EROS, creative HERMES, fearless ARES or generous ZEUS, these aromatic oils for beards will soften, condition and nurture your beard, while supporting your unique strengths and characteristics.

The ultimate in beard grooming : tonic, moisturiser, conditioner, softener, and classic cologne.

Each Beard Oil is 100% natural and organic. Luxurious, rare oils are blended with pure herb and plant extracts in an aromatic beard conditioner that moisturises the skin beneath more effectively than a cream or lotion.

Used as part of your everyday skincare routine, the blend of Moroccan Argan and Grapeseed oils will prevent facial itchiness and dryness. What makes our oils for beards unique is their masculine aromas that act as oil-based beard colognes as well as beard conditioner and beard softener - three beard care products in one.

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Eros Icon


Spontaneous, sensual, a lover of life?

You are EROS.

Eros Beard Oil is a sensual, warm and subtle co-mingling of fresh, uplifting citrus notes and cleansing bergamot, to provide a calming effect on racing hearts. The seductive warmth of Javan Benzoin is tempered by subtle floral undertones in a bright, classic scent that promotes intimacy and deeper understanding.

Handsomely presented in a 50ml corked bottle, resting on wood shavings within a stylish black box, it makes the ideal gift to your inner manliness, or to the true lover in your life.

This unique oil for beards is the perfect accompaniment to the love-adventures of the committed and authentic man.


Ares Icon


Self-reliant, independent, a man of action?

You are ARES.

The most masculine of fragrances, smokey, deep, fresh and wild, Ares features Canadian Black Spruce to give a clear pine-fresh feeling and birch tar for hints of smoke and flame, subtly blended with rich, enigmatic frankincense and other beautiful aromatic spices from the wild places of the world.

The overall effect is intoxicating and profoundly manly, like single malt and seasoned pine by the autumn fireside.

For the man who must endure the elements, for work, or in the quest for solitude and communion with the remote places, Ares contains the spirit of adventure and leads you back to your natural home, the great outdoors.


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Zeus Icon


Generous, tolerant, a man of gravitas?

You are ZEUS.

Zeus Beard Oil is a complex, refined amalgam of seventeen rare and singular premium fragrances and oils that combine to create a cologne with myriad, evocative levels. The nobility and grandeur of lime, the refinement of petitgrain and the exotic, wild strains of mountain orchid all combine to create a fragrance that is unique and evocative.

For the man of gravitas and responsibility, indulgent with those he loves, tolerant of the world, Zeus is the perfect offering to the divine spirit of fathers, husbands and leaders of all ages.


Hermes Icon


Creative, incisive, a maverick?

You are HERMES.

Hermes marches to the beat of his own drum, has little time for convention or following the crowd, but instead prefers to find his own path through sincere enquiry and deep insight; thus making his way in the world.

Hermes fragrance is sweet and exotic, with citrus and watermelon notes, and a pervasive warmth which gradually emerges over time.

The singular fragrance of Hermes is the ideal cologne for the creative, uncommon man who wishes to express his unique perspective and take his rightful place as a free, and rare individual.


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About First Olympian

Your own individual personalised Aroma

First Olympian Beard Oils are designed to make a synergy with your natural pheromones and this is why the aroma from the bottle will be very different from the aroma once the oil has been applied. The true complexity and depth of each of the blends can only be truly appreciated when worn. In this way, you will discover that each blend obtains a unique style dependent upon who is wearing it. This process takes at least 15 or 20 minutes, so apply your beard oil and wait a short time, you will be amazed at the richness and complexity of the aroma which develops, and it will be singular to you and you alone.

How to use your First Olympian Beard Oil

Ideally, you should wash your beard thoroughly first and towel-dry. Make a small pool of oil in your palm, gently massage it into your beard, working it through to the skin underneath. The amount required will vary according to the majestic length and volume of your beard and the condition of the skin under your beard and your typical environment. If you're out in the cold wind all day you'll need more help than if you're in a warm, sheltered atmosphere. The longer and more regularly you use First Olympian beard oil, the less you need, because you are maintaining good beard conditioning and beard grooming too. Use on your chest if required.

Reviews from our customers

5 out of 5 stars

"A blend with hidden depths"

Reviewer: Derren B - September 5, 2013

When I first had a tentative sniff of the bottle it reminded me of Tiger Balm and put me in mind of a blend once worn by Kings. But to suggest that's how it smells would be walking you down the wrong garden path, because as you run your fingers through your facial fuzz other evocative scents fill your nostrils. Scents full of fruit and a hint of spice and something magical. It lingers too, the entire day this wondrous whiff gently reminds you, just when you think it's worn off your senses are awoken by something vaguely Watermelon and delicious. So good that after trying the sample, I bought myself a full size bottle. All of the scents are outstanding, but Hermes is truly Godlike.

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The FIRST OLYMPIAN Beard Oil Story

First Olympian Beard Oil is a return to the vanishing principles of masculinity. Your beard is your declaration of authenticity and integrity; a man making a stand for what he believes in and not being afraid of showing who he truly is.

We are witnessing a beard renaissance where modern man is once again connecting with his roots of true masculinity.

By creating four special beard oil blends allied to the key male archetypes, First Olympian Beard Oil are redefining what it is to be a man.

Our vision is for men across the world to reclaim their roles as true men and to Serve, Protect , Inspire and Love with deep integrity and heartfelt authenticity.

Join us on this exciting journey...

Co Founders Jeremy and Alice: Beard Guardians

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